The State of My Travel, September 2012

Sooo, I haven’t been updating like I’d want to be. Or at all. Better late than never, right?

I’ve just moved from Chicago, IL, USA to Amsterdam, The Netherlands. I’ve been here for 3 days now. Still getting settled. And I’m hoping to be posting a bit more. For now, I thought I’d post a couple of fun graphics showing where I’ve been in my life.

First, a US states map. It’s pretty well filled in! Just missing a trip through the south, really. 38/50 states visited. Alaska and Utah are tops on my list to check off. But of course, they’ll have to wait.  Without further adieu…

And now, my countries of the world map.  Much more sparse.  And Mexico barely counts, as I was there at age 2 and remember nothing (my parents have good stories, though…).  I’ll be coloring this in over the next few years!

Here’s to seeing, photographing, and sharing the world!